We are thrilled to announce that Enid, Oklahoma-based Chisholm Broadband has agreed to acquire our broadband services division. The change becomes official on September, 1, 2021. Customers should expect a seamless transition. In the unlikely event any action is required, customers will receive notification via the Email address on file.

We started Pinged Networks Broadband in 2018 with a desire to bring faster, more reliable broadband to Piedmont. To a great extent that goal has been achieved, but we know it can be even better. Chisholm Broadband has the resources to pick up where we left off and take the network to another level of performance and stability. We think all our customers will be pleased with the improvements on the horizon.

For those who don't know, we're basically a two-man shop. We are immensely proud of what we've accomplished from humble beginnings. The whole endeavor started with a couple of antennas mounted on a telephone pole in Jay's back yard. Marketing consisted of word-of-mouth social media. Zach has handled almost all day-to-day operations on his own. We've done a lot with a little, and we're pleased to see it grow into something even better.

We would like to say a big thank you to our loyal Piedmont customers. Not only have you blessed us with your business, you have offered tons of support and encouragement. Most of our new subscribers have come from either direct referrals or positive comments made on social media. The people of Piedmont really do live the slogan "shop local", and for that we are forever grateful. Thank you.

Zachary McLemore and Jay Slabotsky, co-owners of Pinged Networks

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